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    La sencillez es el atributo principal de CASA GONZÁLEZ, con 33 habitaciones, amplias, cómodas, con un ambiente hogareño, limpio y cálido, únicas en cuanto a espacio y distribución, algunas con terraza, otras con balcón, algunas con televisión y tina de hidromasaje, todas ellas con baño privado, teléfono, internet inalámbrico, y dotadas de todos los servicios necesarios para desenvolverse cómodamente durante su estancia.

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(English) Do-It-Yourself Deportation

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  • Mary
    %d 23UTC %B 23UTC %Y at %H:%M 12Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:48:55 +000055. |

    I feel very sad to hear about the problems faced by so many young people – it seems unfair and very harsh. However – if I were to go to Mexico to live there would be many of the exact same issues I would face on that side of the border. I would not be eligible for financial aid of any kind as a non citizen. I certainly would not receive aid for higher education. I would be subject to immediate deportation (and possibly jail) if I were unable to show my passport when it was requested by any type of law enforcement. Is it really fair to expect hard working Americans to provide health care and higher education to non citizens when they often cannot afford it for their own families?

  • %d 19UTC %B 19UTC %Y at %H:%M 07Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:57:07 +000007. |

    para vender de inmuebles en mexico la mejor pagina es http://www.strulia.com

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